OCD Conference Austin Oct 13

"Washing away myths and stereotypes about OCD -- and secrecy and shame"

OCD TEXAS hosted several advocacy and awareness-raising events in conjunction with international OCD Awareness WeekOctober 8-14, 2012. 

"Washing away myths and stereotypes about OCD -- and secrecy and shame" was the theme of the OCD TEXAS conference in Austin on Saturday, October 15, 2011, at the Frank Fickett Scout Training and Service Center in Austin, Texas.

Program Guide -- here!  The Program Guide (pictured left), including speaker bios, glossary of terms, and sponsor ads, is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Slides -- Powerpoint & pdf!  Slides presentation from the morning professional panel are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Videos -- here!  Videotapes of the conference sessions can be viewed on our new YouTube channel!

Keynote Address - Heather Currey - "Hope For OCD:  I Am Living Proof"

Heather Currey shared her personal story in her keynote address, "Hope For OCD:  I Am Living Proof". Video -- coming soon!

Beginning with a story of terrible fears that she might harm her classmates in kindergarten, Heather spoke of her struggles with OCD and Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) from childhood to essentially being housebound for 8 years by the age of 36. She provided details of the beginnings of her recovery through her treatment at the OCD Institute at McLean Hospital in Boston, and her current maintenance regimen and relapse prevention strategies, and her ongoing outpatient treatment. She spoke of her new role as an advocate for OCD, and offered encouragement for each attendee with OCD to be come an OCD survivor. 

"Unfortunately, many of us struggling with OCD and related disorders suffer in secrecy, utterly ashamed of out thoughts and irrational behaviors . . . I don't ever want to forget how symptomatic I was, completely enslaved by my OCD and BDD with such a loss of hope. Some people find this odd. But in living the life I have now, it reinforces on a daily basis that with proper treatment, courage, motivation and determination, it is absolutely possible for people with OCD and related disorders to live a balanced, fulfilling life. I am living proof."

Heather lives in Austin, and serves as the Outreach Coordinator for OCD TEXAS. She is also the recipient of a 2012 OCD TEXAS Professional Development Award. Read more about Heather on the Speakers page.

Panel:  Success Stories from Real People Overcoming Real OCD

A panel of OCD sufferers and their families told their success stories about dealing with complicated OCD in their lives.

Professional Speakers

"OCD in the Media" -- Cynthia Boles, OCD TEXAS Media Director, showed clips from the OCD Film Festival and discussed:  "What is OCD in the mind of the "average person" and what we can do to change it?"

"The Simple, Unwashed Truth -- Dispelling Myths and Stereotypes about OCD, Related Disorders and Co-occurring Conditions"  Panel of professional treatment providers -- see Speakers bios -- moderated by Diana Damer, PhD. For the newly diagnosed as well as long time OCD sufferers, families and friends, students, and therapists.

Introduction - Diana Damer, PhD

DSM-5 Changes and "OCD and Related Disorders" Category - Thomas Smithyman, PhD and Peter Vernig, PhD

Hair-Pulling and Skin Picking Disorders - Stacy Nakell, LCSW

OCD and Co-occurring Disorders - Marianne Stout, PhD and Leonor Diaz, PhD

Demonstration and Interactive Activity

Overview of Treatment - Thomas Smithyman, PhD

Exposure and Response Prevention - Catherine Gourley, PhD

Q&A: Questions for the Panel/Discussion

The speakers/panelists (see bios here) were also available throughout the day to answer individual questions.


Award Presentations: 

Winners of our first Research and Professional Development Awards were announced. See 2012 Research and Professional Development Awards.

Exhibits, Research Posters, and Networking

Support Group Meetings

    • Adults with OCD
    • Teens 
    • Children
    • Family and Friends
    • Body Dysmorphic Disorder
    • Hoarding
    • Hair Pulling (Trichotillimania) and Skin Picking
    • TOC Español - Information, Questions, and Answers about OCD in Spanish 
Networking for Treatment and Research Professionals                           

Sponsors and Volunteers: 

OCD TEXAS is committed to offering quarterly meetings or conferences free of charge to the public. The conference and other special events of OCD Awareness Week 2012 were offered free of charge. OCD TEXAS is very grateful to our sponsors for their generous donations which helped make this meeting possible. We also thank our many volunteers without whose time and energy our all-volunteer organization could not exist. Sponsor, exhibitors with display tables, advertisers in the program booklet, and private donors supporting OCD TEXAS included:

                    Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin ~ platinum sponsor
OCD Challenge ~ gold sponsor
Houston OCD Program ~ gold sponsor
Austin Center for the Treatment of OCD silver sponsor
          River Bend Counseling silver sponsor
Patty Smith-Hart, MSN
Jill Ott
                    Austin Hoarding Support Group
Austin Trichotillomania & Dermatillomania Support Group

If you are interested in sponsoring, exhibiting or advertising opportunities for future conferences, please see the prospectus (available for download at the bottom of this page, also sample Program Guide) and contact the Vice-President, Jay Jeter at meeting-austin@ocdtexas.org. Thank you!

Thank you to everyone -- officers, volunteers, sponsors, participants -- for making this conference a huge success!

Please join us!

OCD TEXAS, non-profit support and advocacy organization for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and related disorders, the Texas affiliate of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF), began making a difference to hundreds of people with OCD, their families, and treatment providers across Texas when it formed in 2010. Since our kickoff conference in Austin in October 2010, OCD TEXAS has offered full-day conferences in Austin, Dallas Fort Worth and Houston, and also Roundup! meetings at annual IOCDF conferences. It has also provided information and resources to hundreds of individuals and groups via phone and email correspondence and this website. 
There is no fee for membership in OCD TEXAS. We strongly encourage everyone, however, to become a member of the International Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Foundation (IOCDF). Members of the Foundation who live in Texas are automatically considered members of OCD TEXAS.  At this meeting, Patty Smith-Hart, MSN, a professional member of OCD TEXAS one of our sponsors, offered information on the benefits of membership and took new member applications. See Membership for benefits and to find out more about how you can help.

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-- Jay Jeter, LPC-S, Austin 2012 Meeting Coordinator, meeting-austin@ocdtexas.org

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